Master's Degree Programs (2024)

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Accounting Advanced Dental Therapy Aging Studies Applied Anthropology Applied Health Science Applied Statistics Art Athletic Training Aviation Safety Biology Business Administration College Student Affairs Communication and Composition Communication and Media Communication Sciences and Disorders Communication Studies Counseling and Student Personnel: Mental Health Counseling Counseling and Student Personnel: Professional School Counseling Creative Writing Criminal Justice Data Science Education: Post-Bac/Master of Arts in Teaching Educational Leadership Educational Technology Electrical and Computer Engineering Elementary Education Elementary Teaching Engineering Management English Education English: Literature and Composition English: Literature and English Studies Ethnic and Multicultural Studies Exercise Physiology Forensics and Communication French Gender and Women's Studies Geography Geographic Information Science (GISc) Health Informatics and Analytics History Industrial Organizational Psychology Information Security Risk Management Information Technology Manufacturing Engineering Technology Mathematics Mathematics Education Mathematics and Statistics Mechanical Engineering Music Nursing: Advanced Professional Nurse Physics Public Administration and Community Management Reading School Library and Information Studies Social Work Sociology Sociology: College Teaching Emphasis Sociology: Human Service Planning and Administration Spanish Spanish for the Professions Special Education Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Sport Management Teaching and Learning Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Technical Communication Theatre and Dance Urban Planning References

With a variety of master's degrees to choose from, Minnesota State Mankato blends the opportunity and excitement of a comprehensive university with the personal attention that is the hallmark of quality graduate education.


Minnesota State Mankato's Master of Accounting program provides students with the credit hours necessary to become a Certified Public Accountant. The 12-month program offers an exceptional value to both new graduates and anyone seeking to shift gears and pursue a career in accounting.

Advanced Dental Therapy

The Advanced Dental Therapy Master of Science program offered by Minnesota State University, Mankato educates and prepares licensed dental hygienists for roles working as mid-level dental practitioners, or dental therapists.

Aging Studies

Minnesota State Mankato's Aging Studies program prepares students to have a meaningful impact on society by supporting individuals as they age.

Applied Anthropology

The Anthropology program at Minnesota State Mankato offers students a generalist, holistic foundation in the discipline and one of the four subfields of archaeology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and cultural anthropology.

Applied Health Science

The Applied Health Science program is focused on training students in health promotion and disease prevention to prepare them for employment in public health and community health agencies, health care organizations, and wellness programs.

Applied Statistics

The graduate program in Applied Statistics is designed to prepare students to join twenty-first century business and industry in their growing needs for statistical analyses.


The Department of Art offers a graduate program that emphasizes specialized involvement in the student's chosen studio area- ceramics, drawing, graphic design, installation, painting, photography, printmaking, or sculpture.

Athletic Training

Minnesota State Mankato's Athletic Training program prepares professionals to treat physically active patients as part of an integrated health-care team.

Aviation Safety

The Master of Science in Aviation Safety is designed to prepare individuals for positions directly or indirectly relating to aviation safety and security. The program emphasizes applying aviation safety knowledge to real-world applications and cultivating aviation leaders and professionals.


The Biology graduate program is designed flexibly to allow students, with their advisors, to mold and focus their program of study on professional interests and specific needs.

Business Administration

The MBA Program is designed to provide the leaders of tomorrow with the tools they need to succeed in a global business economy.

College Student Affairs

College Student Affairs is a broad program designed to prepare individuals for positions on the college campus in admissions, counseling, financial aid, student housing, student activities, career development and student affairs administration.

Communication and Composition

Communication and Composition is an inter-disciplinary program designed for individuals with an interest in teaching both communication and composition at community colleges and technical colleges.

Communication and Media

The Communication and Media MA program offers students the flexibility to advance into a professional/academic career or into a Ph.D. program.

Communication Sciences and Disorders

The Communication Sciences and Disorders program leads to careers in speech-language pathology (SLP).

Communication Studies

The Communication Studies MS degree is typically sought by students interested in gaining knowledge directly applicable to a specific career path. Students usually plan a career in business or industry upon graduation.

Counseling and Student Personnel: Mental Health Counseling

The Mental Health Counseling program prepares students through coursework and experience to serve in a variety of clinical settings: mental health centers, family counseling and community agencies; consultation in business and industry settings; career counseling settings; and private practice.

Counseling and Student Personnel: Professional School Counseling

The Professional School Counseling program prepares individuals for careers as school counselors in K-12 schools.

Creative Writing

The MFA program in creative writing at Minnesota State Mankato serves exceptionally talented graduate students from around the country—and even the world—developing their work in the genres of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice graduate program provides students with evidence-based practices and practical skills to advance their professional and academic careers.

Data Science

The M.S. in Data Science program provides a strong foundation for developing, implementing, and evaluating data analytics solutions to transform raw data into meaningful and actionable insights.

Education: Post-Bac/Master of Arts in Teaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs prepares graduate students for initial licensure as professional educators in 5-12 and K-12 classrooms.

Educational Leadership

The Master of Science in Educational Leadership program the builds foundational skills society demands in today's innovative leaders, including talent development, change management, and real-world application of educational strategies for learners of all ages and backgrounds.

Educational Technology

The Master of Science degree in Educational Technology emphasizes innovative uses of technology to support teaching and learning and addresses the needs of diverse students across face-to-face, hybrid, and distance learning environments in synchronous and asynchronous modalities.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering program prepares students for various industry positions requiring additional competency in various areas of electrical engineering and can also provide a postgraduate degree suitable for those interested in pursuing a doctoral program in engineering.

Elementary Education

The M.S. in Elementary Education program prepares in-service, licensed K-12 teachers from around the world to be leaders in the field of elementary education. 

Elementary Teaching

The M.S. in Elementary Teaching program prepares students to obtain a MN K-6 Elementary Teaching License. This program is intended for students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and are now interested in seeking a K-6 teacher licensure program.

Engineering Management

The Engineering Management program is designed to prepare students with the scientific and technical training necessary to advance and excel in industry, while simultaneously developing highly valued business skills.

English Education

The MA in English: English Education offers secondary English teachers the opportunity to enrich their knowledge of English and to develop knowledge in other areas.

English: Literature and Composition

The MA in Literature and Composition is an interdisciplinary program designed for those with an interest in teaching in both areas.

English: Literature and English Studies

The Master of Arts in Literature and English Studies provides students with a firm foundation in British, American and World Literature with coursework that includes theory, teaching college-level literature, broader surveys and more specialized author, period and genre courses.

Ethnic and Multicultural Studies

Ethnic and Multicultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program that is academically committed to promoting multicultural and ethnic knowledge, values, and skills, and to preparing our students for effective functioning across the culturally diverse global community.

Exercise Physiology

The Exercise Physiology program prepares graduate students on the latest science of performance testing and exercise prescription for a wide range of populations.

Forensics and Communication

Students interested in the Forensics and Communication MFA typically want to pursue teaching/coaching positions in an academic environment or want to pursue professional careers involving public speaking, training and development, or public service skills.


The master's degree program prepares students of French for teaching in higher education.

Gender and Women's Studies

The graduate program in Gender and Women's Studies (GWS) prepares students for careers in non-profits, activism, and advocacy, or for further graduate study. GWS is an interdisciplinary field examining the social construction of gender and sexuality and the intersections of all forms of oppression.


Geography studies the natural and anthropogenic systems, interactions between people and our environment, and utilizes cutting-edge geospatial technologies to solve real-world problems.

Geographic Information Science (GISc)

The program integrates the geospatial technologies of geographic information systems, remote sensing, and global positioning systems (GPS) with the professional skills of technical communications, project management, human resource management, and budgeting and economics in the workplace.

Health Informatics and Analytics

The Health Informatics program prepares students to use Information Systems and Health Information Technology to design, evaluate, adopt, and apply technology-based innovations in healthcare delivery, management, and research.


The Graduate Program in History at Minnesota State University, Mankato provides a foundation for advanced study and professional development that prepares individuals on careers in teaching, law, journalism, public service, museums, and business.

Industrial Organizational Psychology

The Industrial-Organizational Psychology program prepares students for careers in human resources, organizational effectiveness, management and I-O psychology consulting or for doctoral level study in industrial-organizational psychology or related fields.

Information Security Risk Management

Our online Information Security and Risk Management master's program takes an applied approach to graduate education. Our courses bridge information technology with leadership, professional communication, and management skills.

Information Technology

The Master of Science degree in Information Technology program of study prepares the student for a career as a computing professional, yet offers enough flexibility to allow a student to design a course of study suitable for preparation for doctoral work in information technology.

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a program intended for students with an undergraduate degree in engineering technology or engineering who have a desire to obtain a specialized education in modern manufacturing.


The Master of Arts in Mathematics at Minnesota State University Mankato enables students to study pure mathematics or mathematics for teaching in community colleges.

Mathematics Education

The Master of Science in Mathematics Education at Minnesota State University Mankato is designed for licensed, practicing teachers. Students have the opportunity to study deep, rich mathematics and apply it to their teaching.

Mathematics and Statistics

The Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics at Minnesota State University Mankato is designed for students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. degree in either mathematics or statistics or work in an industry job.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering master's program is devoted to producing application oriented mechanical engineers.


The Master of Music degree is a professional degree, most appropriate for students who desire to increase their knowledge as public school teachers, to teach at the college level, or to work toward their doctorate.

Nursing: Advanced Professional Nurse

Advanced Professional Nurse graduates are prepared for a variety of advanced professional nursing roles and will possess skills for inclusive and equitable advanced nursing practice in diverse settings.


The Master of Science is offered as the professional degree in Physics. This degree is designed for students wishing to prepare themselves for doctoral study, or for work in a research/industrial position.

Public Administration and Community Management

The Public Administration and Community Management MA is a multidisciplinary degree program oriented toward examining and understanding the broad range of problems and opportunities associated with the nation's urban and regional areas.


Our M.S. and licensures in Reading prepare in-service K-12 teachers from around the world to be effective teachers of reading through coursework that focuses on applying research and theory in the field of reading education to a K-12 classroom practice.

School Library and Information Studies

The School Library and Information Studies program offers convenient, focused, high quality instruction that fills a rapidly evolving professional need in Minnesota and nationwide.

Social Work

The Master of Social Work is an Advanced Generalist Program that prepares students for both advanced direct and indirect practice opportunities in a wide variety of public and private social service, medical, behavior health, and educational settings.


The Master of Arts in Sociology is designed for a person seeking a comprehensive, sociological understanding of the social world.

Sociology: College Teaching Emphasis

The Master of Arts Sociology: College Teaching is designed for students planning an academic career with a Master's degree and an emphasis on teaching. MA graduates are typically eligible for most academic appointments at the community college level.

Sociology: Human Service Planning and Administration

The Master of Science Sociology: Human Services Planning and Administration is designed for a person seeking a leadership role in the field of human services.


The MS Spanish degree is for broad training in Spanish language, literature, linguistics and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries and is suited for students who plan to teach at the post-secondary level or pursue additional graduate study.

Spanish for the Professions

The MS Spanish for the Professions degree serves students who are pursuing an advanced degree in Spanish for work in a variety of professions.

Special Education

Graduate programs offered in the areas of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Cognitive Disabilities, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Early Childhood Special Education, and Learning Disabilities are designed to prepare professionals to work with students with disabilities in school settings

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

The Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology program is designed to develop a theoretical base in the discipline of sport and exercise psychology; and better prepare students, coaches, and consultants to apply such knowledge to performance enhancement issues.

Sport Management

The Sport Management program prepares students with sport business concepts that help students plan and manage sport at the professional level, in college athletics and many other areas.

Teaching and Learning

The Master of Science in Teaching and Learning program is available to all teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge base, enhance their classroom performance and better serve the needs of learners.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

The M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages prepares graduate students for employment in second and foreign language teaching, program administration, and curriculum and assessment development in the U.S and abroad, as well as for doctoral study.

Technical Communication

The graduate program in Technical Communication prepares students to be professional information developers, technical or professional writers, and editors who are skilled at using the written and spoken word, along with visuals.

Theatre and Dance

The MFA in Theatre and Dance provide students with high caliber training in theatre and dance that prepares them to create theatre of any kind at any level.

Urban Planning

The Masters of Arts in Urban Planning is a professional program oriented towards the systematic, comprehensive approach to analyzing the social, economic, and physical change of neighborhoods, small towns, cities, suburbs, metropolitan areas, and regions.

Master's Degree Programs (2024)


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